Tail upgrade set to 6 mm Tailshaft - 7HV

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Tail upgrade set to 6 mm Tailshaft - 7HV, 1 set/bag

Set content:
  • 09-7048S Metal Tail Arm Set
  • 09-7075N Tail Pulley for 6 mm Tailshaft
  • 09-0214 Tail Shaft 6 mm
  • 61-6135 Flanged Bearings 6x13x5
  • 09-8205 Tail Pitch Control unit for 6 mm Tailshaft
  • 09-5204 Tail rotor assembly
  • 09-7079N Metal Tail Hinge

Why a tailupgrade?

The tailupgrade seemed adequate for the following points. First, the M3 setscrew caused some problems -> the tailhub loosened on the shaft. M4 setscrews in conjunction with a new tailshaft with flatspots are the solution of choice.

The second point is the tailhub design itself. This has been taken over from the 6HV to keep the number of new components as low as possible(as well as the bladegrips, the pitchslider, etc.). The tailhub is a very difficult part to do. The rolled threads at the ends made problems in the production. Even the small shaft diameter of just 4mm was a weak point. A messed autorotation or bumping with it on the car during transport was enoguh to bend the tailhub a bit and with that the customer had vibration. The change to 5mm shaft ensures significantly more resistants.

In the same step, it was necessary to design new bladegrips as the bearing size had also increased. This we laid out very robust in order to be prepared for all individualities in the near future.

The design of the leverarm, we have revised since many customers have requested an aluminum arm and the design as before could be relatively sluggish as it worked with pins. In addition, we have chosen for this version, as the pins were in the pitchslider worked free after a certain number of flights and the tail got a little more slope.

Right now there were so many changes, and we also knew that the tailrotorshaft with 5mm diameter is working on the limit at headspeeds around the 2200 to 2300 RPM, so we decide to increase it directly to 6mm and reduced in length too. We think that the new tail is future proof in all demands.

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